Jefferson Pilgrimage

Mary Pyland-Mills House

501 E. Moseley Street

Located at the corner of Main and Moseley Street, records indicate this home was first deeded from Daniel N. Alley to Thomas O. Alley in 1859. From that time until 1956, six families inhabited the home with the most notable being Reeder and Mary Frances Pyland who purchased the home in 1956. Mrs. Pyland, a noted artist, was preceded in death by her husband and she continued to live in the home until her death in 1994. The home, featuring 12 foot ceilings, large windows and exposed ship-lap in the master bedroom, was most recently purchased in the spring of 2016 by the Mills family. Two covered porches and a charming well located in an herb and vegetable garden on the west side of the home add to the charm of this 19th century home furnished with treasured family heirlooms, acquired “finds” and modern convenience.

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